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Case Studies

Discover how HAGS has transformed playgrounds and recreational spaces around the world. Our case studies showcase innovative designs, community impact, and the unique solutions we provide to meet the needs of various projects.

Explore these success stories to find inspiration and learn more about our expertise in creating engaging and inclusive play environments.

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An extraordinary playground thet transports children into the enchanting world of the forest and its wildlife.

Nestled within the serene nature reserve of Skogssjön in Mjölby, Sweden, lies a playground that epitomizes the harmony between nature and play.

The monkeys are loose... A grand jungle adventure in the middle of Gelsenkirchen? That’s now possible at the Jungle Playground at Steinfurthhof!

In the far north of Sweden, nestled within the Övertorneå municipality, lies a remarkable playground that embodies the principles of health, inclusivity, and community engagement.

A playground, designed to be accessible to all and reflective of the city’s unique character,

The unique playground named Djungelparken, or "The Jungle Park," stands as a testament to community involvement and creativity.

Featuring a bespoke 2-tower treetop unit that harmonizes with the park's natural beauty. This inclusive space promotes health, well-being, and enjoyment for children of all ages.

In the idyllic setting of Lassagården in Vara, Sweden, lies a playground that brings the charm and adventure of farm life to children and families.

The nature themed play area, designed for children aged 2–7, offers improved accessibility and inclusivity. It aims to challenge, excite, and inspire, encouraging children of all abilities to play together.

The new playground at Roding Valley seamlessly blends with its woodland surroundings, offering inclusive, age-zoned play areas that inspire storytelling and adventure.

Featuring a large UniPlay structure, diverse play equipment, and inclusive design, this playground offers an exciting and immersive experience for children of all ages and abilities.

The Friends of Kenyngton Manor Parks enhanced their local playground with inclusive, diverse equipment, fostering community bonds and supporting children's development.

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