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Through our partners, we can offer shock absorbing surfaces such as artificial grass and molded rubber. Want more information? Contact customer support or your local sales representative.

The role of playground safety surfacing

  • Ensuring optimal safety for the users: impact-attenuating surfaces help prevent serious head injuries caused by falling. Industry safety guidelines and Health and Safety good practice recommend that impact-absorbing surfacing is provided under equipment with a free fall height greater than 600mm or with forced movement, as stated by European Standards for Playgrounds EN1176 and EN1177.
  • Offering extra play value: colors, textures, patterns and floor graphics add visual stimuli, encourage exercise and movement and support imaginative, creative play in a non-prescriptive way.

What you should consider prior to the installation

  • Free fall height of the equipment that you plan to purchase, which will determine the quantity of material you need for the surface.
  • Site conditions (subbase, climate, drainage…)
  • Age, behavior and number of users

Types of safety surfaces suitable for playground

Wet Pour

Wet pour is a playground surface made of granulated rubber crumb. It is installed as a one or two-layered system, depending on whether play equipment is present on site.

Our highly skilled installation teams can replicate virtually any design, logo or pattern. The surface has passed the most comprehensive testing criteria which include Critical Fall Height, flammability, indentation and abrasive wear.


Rubber Mulch

A hard wearing, bound rubber shredded surface. Ideal for play areas requiring impact protection and awkward or unusual areas of landscaping.

Mulch requires no formal groundworks or raised edging, so it can be used to cover over almost any existing surface, including problematic grass mats or artificial turf, mounds and tree pits, gravel, paving, old bark pits or to overlay damaged or worn-out wet pour.


Artificial Grass

Play grass is manufactured from sports yarn, so it is harder wearing and can sustain a higher footfall than that used for landscape grass.

When used for play surfaces, a soft rubber base, or shock pad, is installed beneath the grass. The depth of the shock pad is dependent on whether play equipment is present. Artificial grass is porous and can be used all year round making it ideal for school playgrounds and public play areas. The grass adds a new dimension to play due to its tactile appearance.



Sand is a trusted playground safety surface, seamlessly blending play value, comfort, and protection. Its natural shock-absorbent properties reduce fall impact, keeping children safe. The granular composition of sand evenly distributes impact forces, minimizing slip and trip hazards.

Aside from safety, sand fosters creative play. Children can sculpt, build, dig, and explore, enhancing sensory and motor skills. Its tactile experience stimulates curiosity.

Regular maintenance, like raking and levelling, ensures sand remains an excellent choice for playgrounds. However, accessibility can be challenging for children with mobility issues. Diligent upkeep is essential to prevent foreign objects from compromising safety standards.


Wood Chip

Wood chips are a popular playground surface known for their natural appearance and safety benefits. Comprised of chipped wood pieces, they offer effective impact absorption, cushioning falls and reducing the risk of injuries during play. 

Wood chips create a comfortable and slip-resistant surface, making them suitable for a variety of play activities. Their organic texture encourages imaginative play, and they blend harmoniously with outdoor environments. Properly installed and maintained, wood chips provide an economical and durable solution for playgrounds. However, it's important to regularly replenish them and ensure they meet safety standards, as they may deteriorate over time due to weather and use.



Tarmacadam, also known as blacktop, excels for sports areas and play area footpaths. This durable material offers a smooth, low-friction surface for activities like basketball, tennis, and football. It enhances play with excellent ball bounce and resilience, making it a cost-effective choice for sports facilities.

For play area footpaths, tarmacadam provides a secure, accessible, and slip-resistant surface, ensuring safety for children and families. Its ease of maintenance and capacity for accessibility features make it a practical choice, delivering longevity.