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Huge custom multi-play tower in Pfullendorf, Germany


The town of Pfullendorf not only wanted to modernise its playground in the Stadtgarten, but also to give it a very special flair that would enhance it. For this purpose, the old UniPlay unit was to be replaced by a new, very special unit and further matching play equipment was to be added.

Near the playground runs a museum railway, the so-called “Raeuberbahn”, which connects Pfullendorf with other places and is the basis for the adventure area “Raeuberland”. This was to serve as the theme for the playground and so the UniPlay “Raeuberburg” was created.


To be in line with the theme, this unique special playground was planned by sales representative Markus Moerz and the design department of HAGS together with the customer. In addition to the large UniPlay unit, there is a UniMini unit with a castle theme for the very young and a real-looking, two-metre high climbing rock. A swing, a seesaw and a merry-go-round completes the play experience. On the basis of an extensive plan and a photo composition of the future playground, the customer was able to get a good idea of the playground and the decision was made quickly.

Together with the fourth graders of a school in Pfullendorf, the playground was officially opened by the municipal building authority with a small celebration in July and was very well received by the local residents.

For the future, further measures are planned in the Stadtgarten, such as a multi-sport facility and outdoor fitness equipment, in order to provide the older part of the population with a great outdoor leisure space.

Pfullendorf, Germany
Year Completed
Project Value
102,000 €

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