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NRG Play System

Just as the name suggests, NRG is a genuine energy center, a place where play both generates and consumes energy. Here, you can discover products designed for various forms of balance training, including both rope-based and stable surface options.

NRG is focused on enhancing a child's physical abilities, while also fostering social interaction and skill development. This playground equipment features a modular design that enables you to create configurations customised to your available space and budget.

You have the flexibility to customise your own NRG combination or select from our extensive range of standard solutions.


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How far will you get?

Would you like to create a playground that suits your specific conditions? With the NRG play system, you have the ability to construct your own track entirely tailored to your surface and conditions. Allow the children to challenge themselves and one another, and witness their determination as they strive to push their limits.

Build your own course

Obstacle courses offer endless entertainment for kids, as they can be enjoyed repeatedly. Creating diverse obstacle courses in public areas for children is a simple task. This way, they can fully engage in outdoor play and make the most of their time outdoors. Investing in obstacle courses for children is truly a worthwhile expenditure.


With its limitless potential for creative design, these obstacle courses can be continually updated and refreshed as time goes on. The flexible foundational concept allows for the seamless incorporation of new ideas, materials, and requirements. From the very beginning, we have also ensured that panels, posts, and other components can be easily replaced. This not only benefits the environment but also proves cost-effective in the long run.


The products offered are of exceptional quality and designed to withstand many years of use. HAGS, with its extensive experience in manufacturing play equipment, understands the stringent requirements placed on a top-notch obstacle course. Public environments, where children interact with these products on a daily basis, demand installations of the highest standard.


Materials and Colours 


Steel equipment boasts a contemporary aesthetic that beautifully complements modern architecture. Moreover, it is an effortless choice to maintain, offering exceptional durability that makes it suitable for even the most demanding environments. We exclusively utilise structural steel that can endure repeated use and withstand heavy impacts. Our material undergoes multiple treatments that enhance its longevity and resilience. With complete control over the entire process, we prioritise both quality and safety. Our coatings and paints are sourced from Akzo Nobel, a renowned global manufacturer known for their stringent testing procedures and high-quality products. HAGS proudly holds accreditation as a user of their coatings.



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