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Agito Play System

Movement pulsates at the heart of HAGS Agito. Developed to support natural human movement patterns, HAGS Agito provides maximum returns from every movement performed, with legs, pelvis, and arms moving in a similar way to dancing! In fact, Agito literally means "to set in motion" in Latin.

The primary characteristic of Agito is its rhythmic flow that promotes movement - upon first glance, it awakens a desire to climb, discover, and explore. HAGS Agito is irresistible to children, inviting them to visit and encouraging them to move from one point to another.

For illumination, choose Agito Aura range. They extend playtime by lighting up at dusk and create a lovely atmosphere during the darker hours of the day.


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HAGS Agito stands out as a unique play system with features that move, comply, and resist, thus closely imitating nature itself. Drawing inspiration from natural movement patterns, we developed a system that enhances strength, fitness, and coordination.

Until the early 2000s, HAGS building systems typically comprised floors, posts, and screens. However, the growing demand for climbing-based play equipment led to the development of new types of structures. While earlier play systems also allowed for building combinations with posts, round beams, and net structures, HAGS sought to create its own climbing system - Agito.

The idea for Agito originated during a sailing trip by Sven-Åke Sjöstam, who was intrigued by the way sailing engaged and mobilized the whole body. While seeking to replicate this experience as closely as possible, Agito was born.

"We started a journey in the 1970s where HAGS went from being a manufacturing company to a knowledge company. Children's development and children's needs received a clear focus when we developed new products. We took the game seriously and this set the tone in the company and our development processes. The products that were developed did so based on the children's needs with quality, function and safety in focus."

- Sven-Åke Sjöstam, Former CEO at HAGS


Materials and Colours 


Steel equipment offers a sleek modern appearance that complements contemporary architecture. In addition, it is an easy-to-maintain option with exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for demanding environments. At our company, we exclusively use structural steel that can withstand frequent use and heavy impact. Our materials undergo a series of treatments to enhance their durability and resistance. By managing the entire process in-house, we maintain full control over quality and safety.

We source our coatings and paints from Akzo Nobel, a leading global manufacturer of paint renowned for its rigorous testing procedures and high-quality products. HAGS is an accredited user of the company's coatings.



HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate and is a highly durable material that requires minimal maintenance. It is widely used in the construction and design industry for floors, wall coverings, and furniture due to its exceptional strength and attractive appearance. HPL has outstanding resilience, and it can withstand strong coastal winds and high humidity levels, making it suitable for all environments, including coastal areas.



Plastic is available in many different varieties, including PE, PA, PP, PUR, TPE, and recycled plastic. To increase the longevity of our products, all of our plastics are equipped with UV protection to prevent color fading and embrittlement from exposure to the sun's rays. Additionally, certain types of plastic have been modified to enhance their strength and eliminate any squeaking noise.