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An innovative and aesthetically pleasing bicycle shelter that not only offers practical storage for bicycles but also exudes style and function. Here, the focus is on giving cyclists a safe and protected place to store their bikes while contributing to the city's architectural beauty. The aesthetic value of the design is clear with its clean and minimalist appearance.

The bicycle shelter has been designed to protect the bicycles from the elements. With its robust and durable material, the bikes are effectively protected against rain, snow and the fading rays of the sun. Atria has been snow load tested, and can handle snow zone 2.5, which means it can withstand just over 1750kg of snow. 


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Designer - Gunilla Allard

Gunilla Allard is one of Scandinavia's most respected furniture designers. Several of her products have become classics loved by people in both the private and public sectors. She is a master at combining function and elegance and places great emphasis on perfecting even small details. Gunilla has a background as a scenographer in the film industry, where she worked with Ingmar Bergman, among others, before she went to Konstfack in Stockholm in 1983 to study furniture design. She has been awarded a large number of prizes and awards, including the Bruno Mathsson prize and the Danish Georg Jensen prize. She has also been appointed an honorary doctorate at Linnaeus University in Växjö.

What were your thoughts behind Atria?

"When I start a design project, I look deeply into the company and its DNA. This was also the case with the Atria bicycle shelter. I want to capture the company's historical development in the products that I produce, as well as looking towards the future and give the design a modern and contemporary touch. When I designed Atria, it was important for me to keep the nostalgic feel of the shelter. The shape has a connection to today's pergola, where the roof of the bicycle garage has the shape of a traditional jalousie that was common in the 60s.

It was also important to me that the bicycle garage should be simple and clean in its forms. The forms should be soft and organic, with good visibility in the bicycle shelter so that it is not perceived as too locked and confined. It must be safe and open with the possibility to see inside but at the same time not lose any function."


How did the idea for Atria come about?

"HAGS needed a new and architectural bicycle shelter. A little more designed and not as straight and strict as the old traditional bicycle garages that already exist in the HAGS range. The idea of the organic and soft design came quite early on."


Where do you find your inspiration/creativity?

"Life is my inspiration! If I pass something in my surroundings, I can get an idea. Nature is a great source of inspiration, but also meetings with exciting people can inspire me. I can get inspiration anywhere!"


How do you think the collaboration with HAGS has worked?

"I really like coming to a real workshop. Together with HAGS' product development department and prototype workshop, I get an opportunity to develop the idea from a sketch to a finished bicycle shelter. I like this kind of collaboration."


Which of the products you have designed in collaboration with HAGS is your favorite and why?

"All projects have been special in their own way, but if I have to highlight something specific, it's Rox, Flox & Chili. Being able to build families with design and details that are repeated in the bench, planter and grill - that's what I like about these projects. That I got to produce a number of products in the same family with the same design language, made of durable wood and durable steel."

Materials and Colors

Atria consists of steel that withstands the elements. This also makes the garage easy to recycle and reuse. The steel contains a high proportion of recycled material, which means that the environmental impact is relatively small. Atria is available in two variants: either with or without side panels. As standard, the color options are fully galvanized steel or galvanized steel & black frame.

red galvanised