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Why choose HAGS Wooden Playgrounds?

With its natural materials and colours, HAGS Woooden Playgrounds are Inspired by Nature.  

Choosing a HAGS wooden playground means investing in a well-designed, safe, and durable play environment for children. With our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer service, HAGS offers a reputable option for those seeking a reliable and engaging wooden playground solution for public open space, school, nursery or family destination.

HAGS provides excellent customer support, including guidance throughout the project planning and installation process. We have a knowledgeable team that can assist with design recommendations, safety considerations, and maintenance advice. Our after-sales service ensures ongoing support and assistance for any enquiries or concerns.


About HAGS



Our wood is attractive

HAGS wooden playgrounds look beautiful, effortlessly harmonizing within outdoor environments. They meet all the essential criteria for safety, longevity, environmental friendliness, and supporting children's development.

But that’s not all. HAGS takes pride in using a biodegradable wood stain primer and finisher on all our wooden products. This not only adds an extra layer of protection and a smooth finish but also imparts a pleasing, subtle colour that will keep your playground looking fantastic for many years to come.

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Our wood is sustainable

Our wooden playgrounds provide a better choice for the planet, as wood stands as a naturally renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable resource. The manufacturing process generates minimal waste, and any leftover wood chips can be repurposed as fuel or sawdust. 

Rest assured, all our timber is sourced from responsibly managed Scandinavian forests and carries FSC certification. By employing computerised wood-cutting techniques, we minimize waste even further. Additionally, our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to the use of water based, biodegradable solvents that leave no detrimental impact on the ecosystem.


Our wood is low maintenance

Our wood is sourced from Scandinavian forests, where the trees grow slowly and develop a very dense and compact quality reducing the risk of cracks and splinters. 

All our wooden posts have galvanised steel ground sockets to avoid direct contact with soil, thus reducing the risk of mould contamination or rot. This feature also eliminates the risk of strimmer damage. Vertical posts come with a cap on top for additional protection

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Our wood provides play for a lifetime

Nordic Timber contains a high proportion of heartwood which is very strong and less prone to bug or fungus infestation. 

Our pine will also withstand harsh weather conditions such as long, cold Nordic winters or damp environments, and can last over 25 years. 


Our wood can be renewed, repaired, refurbished

With exceptional resilience, wooden playgrounds boast remarkable durability, making them easy to repair and refresh. Should the need arise, a simple coat of fresh paint and a revitalising touch can breathe new life into these play areas.

For a complete transformation, consider reskinning your playground by replacing outdated panels with vibrant, themed, or coloured play panels, rejuvenating the entire play area.

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Our wood supports sensory play

Wood, in its essence, unlocks a realm of sensory experiences, offering a multitude of tactile experiences. 

Its touch can evoke warmth or coolness, its surface may exhibit textures that range from rough to smooth, and its state can transition from wet to dry. Wood carries distinctive smells, as well as producing a diverse array of sounds when tapped against with other materials.


Our wooden playgrounds boast play value

Each component of our UniPlay and UniMini structures is thoughtfully crafted to instil confidence, foster social interaction, and nurture vital cognitive and gross motor skills. 

Our exceptional play activities seamlessly blend physical fitness with problem-solving, stimulating teamwork, critical thinking, and unleashing boundless creativity

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Behind the scenes

Solid wood construction and robust joinery result in products that last decades. At HAGS we combine modern, cutting edge processes with traditional craftsmanship. 

Every piece is meticulously assembled and thoroughly inspected by skilled hands, undergoing dual examinations to guarantee that the product you unbox is the best you can buy.

To ensure complete traceability and personalised service, each of our products is assigned a unique ID code, allowing us to readily identify your specific item should any queries arise. We take pride in knowing the names of the dedicated individuals who brought your creation to life, adding a personal touch to the exceptional quality you receive.