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Rosenlund Outdoor Furniture

The Rosenlund furniture brings together aesthetically pleasing features with a beautiful colour palette, as well as providing all the functions that outdoor furniture has to offer. Designed to be inclusive, stylish and durable.

Rosenlund is a flexible modular system for an attractive outdoor environment. Combine the furniture pieces and colours that suit your space best and create a functional and inspiring meeting place! 

Park benches and tables, creative trellises and flower boxes that can be converted into benches, bicycle racks for the pupils or staff who cycle to work, and waste bins with the possibility of recycling - Rosenlund range allows all the possibilities to create a colourful meeting places. 

At HAGS, we strive to find solutions where form and function work together and where timelessness is an important factor. We want our products to create natural meeting places for young and old. Over the years, we have collaborated with several Scandinavian designers to develop products that encourage people to spend time outdoors. Rosenlund is a result of our latest collaboration with Yellon.

Materials and Colours

Like all our products for outdoor use, Rosenlund is designed to last for many decades. The wood material is densely grown Swedish pine FSC certified. Pine from northern Sweden is one of the best materials for park furniture when you want it to withstand the effects of nature over a long period of time. The wood is first treated with a mild water-based based oil that protects against mould. The surface is then provided with two layers of white-pigmented based oil that protects against UV radiation and other environmental influences. The steel is powder coated and offered as standard in four different colours as well as a glazed alternatives. The colours are nice individually or in a combination.

red Blå green Grå galvanised

S 1070 Y9OR

S 3040 B10G

S3040 B70G

S 6502 B





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