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HAGS offer a broad range of bicycle stands which are designed for safe and practical bicycle parking. They are either freestanding or securely attached to the ground. Our bicycle sheds offer effective protection from the weather.

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Promoting independence and responsibility: Cycling to school encourages independence and responsibility among students, as it requires them to plan their route, follow traffic rules, and take care of their bikes. Providing bicycle shelters and storage facilities can further support and reinforce these positive behaviors.

Reducing traffic congestion: By promoting cycling as a means of transportation, schools can help reduce traffic congestion around school premises during drop-off and pick-up times, making the overall school environment safer and more pleasant for everyone.

Demonstrating environmental leadership: Providing bicycle shelters and storage facilities demonstrates the school's commitment to environmental sustainability and sets an example for students, staff, and the broader community. It sends a positive message about the importance of taking action to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

Overall, providing bicycle shelters and storage facilities at schools is a practical and sustainable solution that can benefit the school community, the environment, and the well-being of students and staff alike.

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There are several compelling reasons why schools should provide bicycle shelters and storage for their students and staff:

Encouraging sustainable transportation: Providing bicycle shelters and storage facilities at schools can promote sustainable transportation options, which can help reduce carbon emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity.

Promoting safety: Bicycle shelters and storage facilities offer a secure place for students and staff to park their bikes, protecting them from theft or vandalism. This encourages more people to cycle to school, knowing that their bikes are safe and secure.

Supporting active transportation: Cycling to school can be an effective way for students and staff to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including improved physical fitness, mental well-being, and concentration levels.

Fostering a sense of community: Bicycle shelters and storage facilities can encourage a sense of community among students and staff who cycle to school, creating opportunities for social interaction and bonding. It can also foster a sense of camaraderie and school spirit among cyclists.

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