Guide to outdoor seating for schools

Durable Outdoor Furniture for Schools - Enhance Learning and Play

Discover our wide selection of durable and modular Rosenlund outdoor furniture for schools! Our high-quality seating options are designed to withstand the rigors of school environments while providing comfortable and safe seating for students.

Our outdoor furniture is perfect for enhancing outdoor learning spaces, creating inviting seating areas for socialising, and promoting physical activity during breaktimes. 

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Why provide outdoor seating in school grounds?

Make sure your outdoor grounds are beautiful and liveable with high-quality commercial outdoor furniture for schools from HAGS.

Outdoor seating in schools

Benefits of outdoor furniture in schools

When you install our outdoor furniture around your school grounds, they will bring a wide range of benefits to both students, teaching staff and visitors. 

Benefits of seating in schools

How to create the perfect outdoor seating area for your school

The perfect outdoor furniture area separates spaces, accommodates groups both large and small, and brings a beautiful blend of form and function to your school's outdoor areas. 

Create outdoor seating

Outdoor modular seating combination examples

The Rosenlund furniture brings together aesthetically pleasing features with a beautiful colour palette, as well as providing all the functions that outdoor furniture has to offer. 

Modular seating combinations

Why choose HAGS outdoor furniture for your school

HAGS brings over 75 years of experience to the table to ensure you get outdoor furniture that is stylish, durable, and safe. 


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HAGS offer a broad range of bicycle stands which are designed for safe and practical bicycle parking. 

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HPL Furniture for Schools

Find out more about our robust and easy to maintain HPL Furniture for Schools. 

HPL Furniture


Visit our frequently asked questions page to find out more information about HAGS outdoor furniture for schools, quality, warranties and services. 


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