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Why provide outdoor seating spaces for businesses

Facility managers have often sought to utilise outdoor spaces on the properties they manage, providing employees and other users places to take a break from the indoors. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred many to improve the condition of existing outdoor seating areas, or to create these spaces where none previously existed.

Whether you have a small space or an expansive site, HAGS Rosenlund offers modular and customisable products that will really compliment your outdoor space.

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Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly important for businesses and corporate office spaces. In addition to providing a break from indoor environments, outdoor spaces offer numerous benefits that can positively impact employees, customers, and the business as a whole. Here's a guide to why outdoor spaces are essential for all types of businesses, corporate and commercial operators. 


1. Promotes Health and Well-being

Outdoor spaces can provide a break from the indoors, which can be especially beneficial for those who spend most of their day sitting at a desk. Outdoor spaces allow employees to get some fresh air, move around, and get some sunshine, which can boost their mood, energy, and overall well-being.

2. Increases Productivity

Studies have shown that employees who have access to outdoor spaces are more productive than those who do not. Outdoor spaces can provide a change of scenery and reduce stress levels, allowing employees to focus better on their work.

3. Attracts and Retains Talent

Providing outdoor spaces for employees can be a great way to attract and retain talent. Offering a unique and comfortable outdoor environment can show employees that their employer values their well-being and is committed to creating a positive work environment.

4. Improves Company Image

Having a well-designed outdoor space can also improve a company's image. A beautiful outdoor space can create a positive first impression for customers and clients, showing that the business values aesthetics and attention to detail.


5. Increases Revenue

Outdoor spaces can also be used to generate revenue. Restaurants, cafes, and other businesses can attract customers by offering outdoor seating, which can increase sales and customer loyalty.

6. Provides a Space for Events

Outdoor spaces can be used to host events such as meetings, team-building activities, and company picnics. By providing a unique and comfortable outdoor environment, businesses can create memorable experiences for their employees, which can improve morale and overall company culture.

In conclusion, outdoor spaces are essential for businesses and corporate office spaces. They offer numerous benefits such as promoting health and well-being, increasing productivity, attracting and retaining talent, improving company image, increasing revenue, and providing a space for events. By investing in outdoor spaces, businesses can create a more comfortable, productive, and attractive environment for their employees and customers, ultimately leading to a more successful business.


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