Outdoor Furniture Space Saving Solution for Corporate & Commercial Operators

Space-saving furniture such as benches, cycle racks, and bins allows for the efficient use of outdoor areas, especially in both the commercial and urban environments where space can be limited. Bulky or oversized furniture can hinder movement within any space, leading to congestion or limited accessibility. Space-saving furniture helps to create clear pathways and ensures smooth traffic flow. This is particularly important in high footfall areas such as city centres, narrow pathways, or shared spaces.

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Facility managers have often sought to utilize limited outdoor spaces on the properties they manage, providing employees and other users places to take a break from the indoors. If you require a competitively priced space saving solution, then these specifically selected products will really compliment and optimise your limited outdoor space.

  • Ekeby Wall-Mounted Benches: A bench that can be attached to a wall which is ideal for narrow outdoor spaces or areas with limited ground space.

  • Rosenlund ½ Hexagon range: A modular bench systems that consist of individual seating units that can be arranged in various configurations, allowing for customisation and adaptable seating options when space is a premium.

  • Wall-Mounted Bike Racks: The Dorado bike rack that attaches to a wall is space-efficient and can be installed in small outdoor areas, encouraging bike parking without occupying valuable ground space.

  • Wall-Mounted Bins: The Rosen 40 litre slimline bin and the Asken ashtray have been designed to fit into tight spaces such as along pathways or in small outdoor areas. Both have been designed to offer functionality whilst helping to keep public or commercial spaces tidy and inviting.

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Benefits of Purchasing Commercial Office Outdoor Furniture

Corporate campuses and office buildings are characterized by daily exposure to the elements and heavy traffic.  HAGS offers attractive, low-maintenance, space saving commercial outdoor office furniture perfect for corporate buildings. With multiple colour and configuration options, you'll be able to choose the look and style to best complement the architectural design and theme of your space.

Benefits of investing in outdoor furniture for office buildings and commercial facilities include the following:

  • Outdoor waste bins make it easier to keep your area clean. Choose from commercial waste and recycling bins in an array of different styles to keep up the look of your building.

  • Bike shelters and racks around the perimeter of your office building encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation, which many bike riders will appreciate.

  • Commercial outdoor seating, including benches, picnic tables, and professional-grade dining sets, can give employees a place to relax during a meeting or sit and enjoy their break.

  • By outfitting your office building with ash trays, you can provide a designated space for smokers to put out their cigarettes. Ash trays from HAGS come in a variety of styles to blend in with your building's aesthetics.

  • Our Shade solutions are often considered one of the easiest and most stylish ways to block rain and sunlight on your corporate campus. We carry a unique line of both standard and custom shelters designed to stand up to the elements while providing quality and longevity.

  • Planters help bring a bold look to your outdoor area by containing plants in a decorative and modern way. Having plants in your work environment can clean the air, boost creativity, reduce absence rates, and lower stress levels.

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