Designing the right leisure area for your holiday park or campsite

Playground design for holiday parks or campsites can be different to municipal parks and other public destinations. Playgrounds on campsites are designed to keep children busy and entertained for typically much longer periods as these are often destinations where visitors are resident for multiple days at a time.

Many holiday and campsite operators turn to HAGS for products that serve adult campers, too. Outdoor fitness equipment, benches, shade structures, waste bins and other site furniture all make your recreational areas appealing to more campers.

Five considerations to make your space stand out

1. Aesthetic Appeal

The visual harmony between your playground equipment and the surrounding environment is crucial for creating an inviting and seamless experience. When choosing playground equipment, it's important to select designs, colors, and materials that complement the natural landscape or the overall design scheme of your campsite or holiday park. An aesthetically pleasing playground enhances the overall ambiance, making visitors feel more connected to the surroundings and encouraging them to spend quality time outdoors.

Find out more about our Wooden Playground Range: Inspired By Nature. 

2. Inclusivity

Diversity in visitor demographics requires a diverse and inclusive play environment. Inclusivity goes beyond just accommodating different age groups; it also involves considering the needs of individuals with varying abilities. An inclusive playground ensures that everyone can enjoy the space comfortably, regardless of physical or cognitive challenges. Features like accessible ramps, sensory play elements, and seating options contribute to a welcoming environment for all visitors.

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3. Safety

Safety is of paramount importance in any recreational space, especially where children are involved. Parents and guardians need assurance that the play areas are designed and built to the highest safety standards. Independent testing and adherence to safety standards, as exemplified by HAGS products' partnership with TUV in accordance with the European Safety Standards (EN 1176), instill confidence among visitors. Transparent safety measures build trust and encourage families to engage in play without worrying about potential hazards.

Find out more about our Safety Standards. 

4. Play Value

Play is not only about having fun but also about facilitating holistic development. Well rounded play experiences incorporate physical, creative, cognitive, and social elements. The playground should offer opportunities for physical activities like climbing, swinging, and balancing. Creative play can be nurtured through interactive and imaginative elements. Cognitive and social play can be fostered through collaborative games and activities that encourage problem solving and teamwork. A mix of play values ensures that visitors have diverse and enriching experiences.

5. Products for Older Children and Adults

Campsites and holiday parks cater to a wide age range, including older children, teenagers, and adults. Outdoor fitness equipment, sports arenas, and picnic areas provide opportunities for older visitors to engage in physical activities that align with their preferences. The inclusion of site furniture such as picnic tables, shade structures, and litter bins enhances the overall comfort and functionality of the space. By offering amenities that cater to various age groups, you create an environment that encourages multi-generational interaction and engagement.

Creating exceptional outdoor recreational spaces involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics, inclusivity, safety, play value, and provisions for various age groups. By considering these aspects, you not only create an environment that is visually appealing and safe but also one that fosters connection for all visitors.

Campsites and holiday parks become more than just places to stay – they transform into vibrant hubs of play, relaxation, and connection with nature, enriching the overall experience for everyone who walks through their gates.

  • Böda Sand Holiday Resort, Sweden

    Böda Sands camping on Öland, known as Sweden's largest campsite, boasts 1,350 campsites and 125 cabins. This facility is situated along a two-mile-long white sand beach and functions as a complete village, offering amenities such as a pool, spa, sauna world, playground, restaurants, pub, after-beach area, bakery, ICA shop, hairdresser, kiosk, street kitchen, and pizzeria. Additionally, the area is home to Böda Sand GK, a 9-hole full-length golf course. During the season, Böda Sand attracts 7,000 resident guests daily and accommodates 3,000 day guests.

    In this gigantic labyrinth, which is Sweden's largest  continuous playground, there is something for all members of the family!

    Case Studies
  • Folly Farm, UK

    This amazing Holiday Park, right next to the top-rated zoo was looking to expand its range of facilities for children which would give them a place to meet new friends and make great memories.

    Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo was looking to develop its onsite Holiday Park. Whilst the Adventure Park itself is full of animals and entertainment, they wanted to ensure that their younger guests who would be staying onsite would be occupied once the park closed.

    They installed this farm themed play unit to compliment their park. 

    Case Studies
  • Camping Panorama, France

    We had the pleasure of installing a UniMix at Camping Panorama, in Pyla sur Mer, located not far from the Pilat Dunes, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, France. The UniMix is a perfect solution to offer the customer two multi-play units in one, making it suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old.

    This natural palette of the UniMix fits perfectly in the green surroundings of the campsite.

    Some of the elements used to enrich the play experience:

    Two different size slides, Climbing nets and climbing wall, Tunnel, Counter and table, Panel games, Access ramp, Step bridge, UniMix floor.


    Case studies
  • Zeeland Camping Zonneweelde, Netherlands

    At Zeeland Camping Zonneweelde in the Netherlands, families can immerse themselves in a world of excitement and joy!

    The large HAGS UniPlay indoor playground, is specially designed to let children unleash all their energy. They'll have a blast climbing, scrambling, running, and jumping, making the most of their time at this campsite. The indoor playground is truly a paradise for kids, complete with climbing nets, an exhilarating long slide. With hours of guaranteed fun, your little ones won't want to leave!

    What a creative way to create an enjoyable experience for the entire family, ensuring cherished memories for years to come!

    Case Studies
  • Wiggersviks Camping, Sweden

    This enchanting lighthouse playground at Wiggersviks camping, Sweden, is now open and ready to ignite imaginations. Let little ones set sail on a voyage of laughter, discovery, and pure joy!

    Climb the sturdy steps, reach the top, and let the world unfold before your eyes! With breath-taking views from the lighthouse tower, kids will feel like they're on top of the world. 

    The playground also features various see-saws and swings that soar towards the sky.

    Case Studies

Choose HAGS for Themed Playground Equipment

HAGS is your go-to destination for thrilling, innovative playground equipment for holiday parks and campsites. Our company was established in 1948, and we still maintain our reputation as an industry leader over seven decades later.

At HAGS, we always strive to design robust, engaging, and inclusive equipment that benefits children, families, and organizations alike. When you choose us as your playground provider, you take the first step toward cultivating play experiences that children will treasure for years to come.

A themed playground goes beyond traditional play structures, immersing visitors in a world of imagination and exploration.

The themed playground becomes a focal point that ignites curiosity and engagement, offering children an opportunity to weave their narratives while developing social skills and confidence. By offering a personalised and customised theme which is unique to your holiday park or campsite, you can create a beautifully enchanting and one-of-a-kind experience for your guests!


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