Play and Leisure Areas for Holiday Parks and Campsites

Holiday parks and campsites have become more popular than ever over the past few years and visitors are looking for something special when choosing their destinations.

Investing in a bespoke, memorable play or fitness space for your venue could make you the first choice for families when booking this year.

Importance of Outdoor Activities

Explore the importance of outdoor activities, recreation, and healthy living for families and individuals during holidays, and why it's important to privide engaging recreational facilities at your Holiday Park or Campsite. 

Outdoor Activities

Designing the Right Space

Playgrounds on campsites are designed to keep children busy and entertained for typically much longer periods as these are often destinations where visitors are resident for multiple days at a time. For adults, outdoor fitness equipment, benches, shade structures, waste bins and other site furniture all make your recreational areas appealing. 

Designing Tips

Top Products

Here we’ve hand picked our top 20 products for you to consider for your Holiday Park or Campsite, which can be delivered in 14 days or less.

Top Products

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