Playful solutions for urban development!

Welcome to a world of creativity and playfulness where HAGS, as a leading developer in outdoor environments, strives to unite architects with the tools to create outstanding and playful outdoor environments for all. With our versatile and innovative playground equipment, stylish furniture and well designed outdoor gyms, we offer architects a unique opportunity to turn visions into reality.

By integrating our products into the design process, you can create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but also promote health, joy and community. Discover how HAGS can be your partner in shaping outdoor environments where play, rest and exercise merge in harmony, memorable places for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Safe Playgrounds

All our product development is based on international research and European safety standards. The German Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TÜV) has the world's most comprehensive and well functioning testing and approval procedure. That is why we can proudly say that all play equipment from HAGS has been approved by TÜV.



Conscious choice of materials

To make the choice easier for our customers, we let SundaHus and Byggvarubeömmningen assess our products so that they meet the requirements of climate change. Today, we have a large number of products that are assessed and approved via SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen. These products are also approved in the Swan labeled projects.



Dreams begin at the drawing board

At the drawing board, dreams take shape and become reality. At HAGS, we welcome every vision and see every idea as an opportunity to create playgrounds that exceed expectations. Our passionate designers are ready to transform your thoughts and ideas into unique and memorable playgrounds. With a focus on creativity, safety and ease of use, we strive to create places where children's imaginations are given space to flourish and where communities can gather. At HAGS, no project is too big or too small – every drawing is the start of a journey towards a playground that not only meets needs, but exceeds them. Let's together shape the playgrounds of the future and give wings to dreams from the drawing board to reality.

Here are some examples of favorite projects we've created over the years.

Böda Sand, Sweden

In this gigantic labyrinth, which is Sweden's largest continuous playground, there is something for all members of the family! Whether children like to climb, slide or perhaps spin, there is really something for everyone! This is just a small part that contributes to a fantastic experience at Böda Sands playground on Öland.


End result

Šala, Slovakia

The city of Šala decided to install a beautiful children's playground, taking inspiration from the city's Monastery complex Majk - a monks hermitage from the Kamaldulov order dating back to 1733. This unique and custom project was divided into 2 parts, which were both inspired by the elements of the monastery. Firstly, The 8 meter high tower with a tube slide represents the Church tower, and secondly the striking large UniPlay U shaped tower consisting of many game functions.


End result

Salvador Allende, Spain

The Salvador Allende playground in Carabanchel, Spain, has two areas with a Medicine theme. One area is a children's medical play center and the other is a scientific medical laboratory. Designed for children of different ages and abilities, these areas offer a unique and fun way for children to learn about medicine and science while playing. The accessible pedestrian pathway allows for easy movement between the two areas, and there are even fun medical and scientific drawings on the pavement!


End result

A world of flexibility and design possibilities!

In an age where adaptability and versatility is key, we strive to offer furniture that not only meets your needs but also allows you to create unique and personal spaces. Our modular furniture ranges give you the freedom to play with shape, size and function, making it possible to tailor each piece of furniture to your specific vision and outdoor space. Explore a world where every piece of furniture becomes a building block to shape your ideal space, and where creativity and functionality go hand in hand to create inspiring and customizable environments.

Reuse more!

With a flexible and/or modular design, it is possible to easily recycle different components at the end of their life and to replace components instead of buying a completely new product. Our play systems - UniPlay and UniMini - are completely modular and the components can be easily assembled and teared down for recycling or reuse. It is also easy to move and/or replace parts that have been used a lot so that the lifespan of the units lasts for even more years to come. In this way, the need for newly produced material is reduced. 

Inspired by Nature

Wooden playgrounds offer a natural and timeless aesthetic that blends well with outdoor environments, creating a visually appealing and inviting place for children to play.

One of the main advantages of wooden playgrounds is their durability and long lasting nature. High quality wooden structures, properly treated and maintained, can stand the test of time and continue to provide a safe and enjoyable playground for many years. Unlike plastic or metal structures that can break down or corrode over time, wooden playgrounds have a sturdy and stable feel that many appreciate.

Effective workout for the whole body!

Where to start? How much space is required? How do you include equipment so that there is something for everyone, even if you have limited space? Many questions arise when the gym plans are to be implemented. To make the work easier, we have had our experts combine three outdoor gyms. They are all well thought out to offer full body training, but based on different levels of need, space and budget. We hope they will inspire and simplify the work of creating your own perfect outdoor gym.

Small | 6

Carefully selected products that fit well if you have a limited surface or budget. Despite its small format, the combination offers exercises for several muscle groups. Contact your salesperson for a quote.

The package contains 6 stations: Air Skier, Balance Beam, Sit Up, Rower, Push Up and Leg Stretch.

Medium | 8

A well-equipped gym package that includes something for everyone. With several tools that raise the heart rate, combined with others that challenge strength and balance. Contact your salesperson for a quote.

The package includes: Pedal Bike, Ski Stepper, Air Skier, Dip Station, Pull Up, Leg Stretch, Twister and Balance Beam.

Large | 9

With our large package, you get a complete outdoor gym that offers all forms of gym training. A large group can train at the same time and inspire each other with exercises for the whole body. Contact your salesperson for a quote.

This package includes: Trinity Bike, Ski Stepper, Air Skier, Lat Pull & Chest Press, Sit Up, Leg Stretch, Plyometric Platforms and Multi Purpose Fitness Frame.


Play For All

Our goal is to inspire play for everyone. We aspire to create playgrounds that radiate joy, inviting people of all ages and abilities to connect and interact with one another. Through play and delight, we aim to uplift both body and spirit.


Make playgrounds more inclusive

BIM library

We have a BIM library of files that you can download and use in your projects.
Here you can browse the products that are currently available.


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Designer collaborations

At HAGS there is a conscious effort to find solutions where form and function work together and where timelessness is an important factor. HAGS works in close collaboration with several Scandinavian designers.


About the designers

Color options

Colors have a decisive influence on how a place is perceived. Their task is to complement and round off an architectural vision. Therefore, we offer a wide range of colors to give the highest possible creative freedom to adapt the design of your outdoor area.


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