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Swings & Swing Frames

Swings for Playgrounds and Public Spaces

Swinging is an ageless source of enjoyment. In public settings, a diverse range of swings is available, catering to children aged one year and older. These swings include stable baby seats designed to endure daily use. The products boast sturdiness and resilience, able to withstand constant activity. Within the extensive selection, an array of swing types can be combined, offering the opportunity to craft distinctive playgrounds tailored to specific environments. By doing so, captivating outdoor spaces can be fashioned to entice children towards play and physical activity.

Enthralling Swings for Preschools and Schoolyards

The assortment of swings encompasses numerous models, presenting an array of choices. Transform schoolyards into eagerly anticipated destinations with engaging swings. Swing options include various heights and sizes, with classic favorites such as the timeless tire swing maintaining their appeal. To introduce diversity, different swing seats can be swapped out at regular intervals. Swings specially designed for younger children are available for preschools, ensuring safe and age-appropriate play. For schoolyards accommodating older children, there are intricate swings that simultaneously challenge and improve balance.

Enjoy Collective Play with Expansive Friend Swings

The joy of playing with friends is magnified through shared experiences. Ample buddy swings facilitate tandem or group swinging, enabling multiple individuals to revel in outdoor amusement simultaneously. Install a generous buddy swing on a dedicated swing stand or seamlessly integrate it with conventional swings, offering everyone the freedom to select their preferred swinging style. Each product is accompanied by essential information, including age suitability, assembly duration, and drop height. A buddy swing introduced to a school environment can become a cherished fixture, complementing the existing product range available from HAGS.

Durable, High Quality Swings and Swing Frames

Endurance in all weather conditions is essential for outdoor swings. Playground swings, prioritizing safety, are often fixed in place through on-site casting. This meticulous casting process ensures that playing children can swing uninhibitedly, immersing themselves in an endlessly delightful activity. A choice between metal or wooden swing sets is provided, both known for their durability, each with a distinct character within the playground. Noteworthy designs like the Hexagon model encourage social interaction, enabling multiple children to swing face-to-face, fostering shared moments of joy.