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Sand & Water Play

Outdoor Play with Sand and Water Activities

Unlock a world of amusement and creativity with captivating sand and water play, perfectly suited for playgrounds, schools, preschools, and nurseries. Few things captivate children's attention like the allure of sand and water, and with our thoughtfully designed play solutions, you can create tailored sand and water play stations that foster imagination and learning.

World of Water Play

Spark excitement and creativity with water play tables that encourage children to explore the path of flowing water. These interactive water play setups challenge young minds, making learning about water movement an enjoyable adventure. Whether tracing the course of water or simply splashing around, this activity is particularly refreshing on hot days, offering a delightful way to cool down. Our range encompasses water play options suitable for various age groups, enabling you to curate a dynamic water play station within the school yard.

Large sandbox with room for many children

Embrace the joy of sand play as children build, scoop, and dig in spacious sandboxes. This activity fosters teamwork and cooperation, as kids collaborate to construct sand figures and structures. Our large wooden sandboxes blend seamlessly with diverse environments and remain a steadfast play companion year after year. Choose from versatile options like square and hexagonal models, and ensure a proper fit by checking the intended placement surface and measurements indicated on each product.

Foster Fun Outdoor Play with Sand and Water

Enrich outdoor playtime by embracing the timeless appeal of sand and water. These elemental mediums have a longstanding attraction that captivates children's attention and encourages active exploration. Our extensive range features various play tables tailored for sand and water activities, offering a stimulating environment for children to develop their coordination and creative skills. Expand the play landscape by incorporating exciting details that embrace the joys of sand and water play, making your playground a space where children eagerly anticipate outdoor adventures.

Comprehensive Sand and Water Play Solutions from HAGS

Encourage learning and self-care through educational water play, a valuable tool that enriches practical experiences. Harness children's innate curiosity with high quality products that can be utilized repeatedly. Water play complements the preschool curriculum, offering versatile ways to engage in collaborative activities. Discover an array of products from HAGS designed to inspire collaboration and skill development. Embrace a fresh approach to learning, nurturing a generation of curious minds eager to explore and discover.