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Trails, Balance Course & Stepping Stones

Obstacle courses for children in preschool & playground

Obstacle courses are playground equipment that offer significant developmental benefits for children. They provide opportunities for kids to enhance their motor skills and balance while engaging in creative play. HAGS manufactures obstacle courses designed for both older and younger children. Our website clearly specifies the recommended age groups for each obstacle course, along with the maximum number of children who can safely play on the equipment simultaneously. Create a dynamic outdoor play environment for children in preschools and playgrounds by incorporating obstacle courses.

Developing balance game from HAGS

Children require play and development opportunities throughout their upbringing, fostering continuous learning of motor skills and social interaction. Engaging in challenging balance games builds a sense of community where children can naturally strengthen their muscles. It's essential to adjust obstacle courses and balance play activities according to the children's age. This offers a fun way for them to play while also encouraging them to challenge themselves. Balance play ranges from basic to advanced levels, making it a highly valued feature in any schoolyard.

Exciting environments with balance beam & stepping stones

Many children enjoy the challenge of walking on balance beams and stepping stones. HAGS offers an extensive range suitable for all children, from basic balance bars to stepping stumps that require larger strides. This form of balance play has a highly positive impact on children's development while fostering natural outdoor play experiences. You can create extended sequences of balance obstacles, allowing children to navigate both balance beams and stumps one after the other. This creates a fun balancing act that encourages them to continually strive for improvement, enhancing their agility and speed.

Build outdoor public obstacle courses

Obstacle courses are something kids can do over and over again. It is easy to build various obstacle courses in public places for children. Then they can play and really maximize their outdoor time in the best way. Buying obstacle courses for children is money well invested. The products are of really high quality and are manufactured to be used for many years. HAGS has extensive experience in manufacturing products for play and knows what requirements are placed on a good obstacle course. Public environments where children play with the products on a daily basis require that good things are installed.