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Playground Equipment

Discover High Quality Playground Equipment for Preschools, Schools, and Playgrounds

Unlock the power of play, especially in the great outdoors. Playtime nurtures children's development, fostering creativity and imagination. At the playground, young ones forge friendships and make new acquaintances. At HAGS, we cherish play and strive to inspire vibrant meeting spots for everyone. Backed by over 75 years of expertise, we specialize in play equipment. Swings, climbing frames, cableways, and slides – our extensive collection caters to every cherished playground. Our products are built to endure robustly, withstanding year round play for years to come. Tailor the playground experience to different age groups; our diverse selection ensures there's something for everyone.

Robust Playground Equipment for Public Outdoor Environments

Invest in resilient playground equipment designed for both schoolyards and communal play areas. In shared spaces, all children should relish outdoor play together. Physical activity and movement are particularly crucial for younger children. Shape the playground to encourage social bonding while simultaneously challenging balance, motor skills, and creativity. All outdoor playground equipment adheres to stringent safety standards.

Nurture Imagination and Creativity in Children

Imagination flows naturally in children. A captivating playground offers them a canvas to express their thoughts and whimsical ideas. Our selection features playhouses and panels that kindle role-playing and social interaction. Likewise, various play stations and thrilling climbing courses spark imagination. In a child's mind, the playground transforms into a pet shop, a hospital, or a space rocket. Dynamic and springy models elicit excitement and exhilaration, even among the youngest adventurers. Motivate children to venture outdoors and play, providing a space where they can craft their fantasy world alongside friends.

Invest in Your Playgrounds with Premium HAGS Play Equipment

A playground should invite unrestricted exploration. Children ought to climb, balance, touch, and play with unbridled freedom. At HAGS, we deliver top-tier products designed to withstand daily use in the most challenging environments. Select the products that align with your vision and seamlessly merge them to create the ultimate outdoor playground. As pioneers in manufacturing play equipment for public spaces, we understand the balance between stimulating children's development and ensuring equipment durability in parks and schools.

Invest in HAGS playground equipment to elevate your outdoor spaces and provide lasting memories for generations to come. Contact us today to bring your playground dreams to life.

  • Multi Play Systems

    A Multi Play structure can be the centre piece of your playground, providing opportunities for climbing, sliding, imaginitive play and more besides. Most of our ranges are based around modular principles, which means whatever your requirements we can build a structure to match.

    Our exclusive UniPlay and UniMini ranges are the most versatile option, offering everything from pirate ship play structures to the very tallest towers, in a whole range of materials.

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  • HAGS Wooden Playgrounds

    Children crave the joy of play, yearning for the boundless freedom to invent, imagine, and explore. They long to run, move, and dance, eagerly embracing the opportunity to strive and accomplish. 

    These young souls seek spaces to share with their friends, while also desiring moments of solitude to delve into books, ponder, or simply exist.

    At HAGS, we hold true to our guiding principle of 'Inspiring All Generations' as we meticulously design, construct, and craft wooden play equipment that nurtures your children's play and learning experiences. Our products are intentionally crafted to be simple and open-ended, both sturdy and beautiful, granting your children the freedom to unleash their imagination, foster growth, and flourish

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  • UniMini Refresh

    A true classic

    Back in 1992 we launched UniMini for younger children. A complete modular play system that you can customise and build the play structure that fits right at home in your park or residential area.

    With 30 years of joy, curiosity and play we thought it was time to give the UniMini play system a new look. To keep inspiring children, we have designed new fun components and units with inclusivity in mind that adds more play value for everyone - no matter the abilities! 

    With new roofs and floors, you can easily add completely new and exciting shapes to a unit. Some of the components are miniatures of components that we have in our play system for older children - adding challenge and excitement. 

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  • Dennis Inclusive Seesaw

    This attractive inclusive seesaw looks right at home in any playground setting and is perfect for children and all abilities. Unlike other inclusive seesaws, this is not just for wheelchair users – everyone can have fun together.

    The design has many accessibility features, including an adapted seat positioned at wheelchair height that gives users the space they need to move into it from a seated position.

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  • Play Towns

    By the age of 4, almost all children have a natural inclination to imitate the roles of adults, for example as mechanics, waiters and vendors. Through role-playing, they learn valuable lessons such as understanding the world of adults, developing empathy for others and practicing appropriate social behaviours. 

    We are introducing new play elements to enhance playgrounds - Play Town. With these additions children will have the opportunity to use their imaginations to play a wide variety of roles and interact with others.

    With the small play units, "Post Office", "Charge Station", "Restaurant" and "Bakery", a variety of everyday situations can be acted out, creating complete small towns. 

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  • Hammock

    The HAGS Hammock is a great addition to any playground. It’s a large, durable and sturdy hammock that can accommodate multiple users at once. The HAGS Hammock is designed to sway gently back and forth, providing a soothing motion that can help to reduce stress. It can also act as a resting place for multiple children to socialise and spend time together. Hammock is an inclusive product which will encouraging children of all ages and abilities to play together. 

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  • Camping & Leisure

    Holiday parks and campsites have become more popular than ever over the past few years and visitors are looking for something special when choosing their destinations.

    Picture a family's laughter echoing through the air, children racing across lush lawns, and friends engaging in friendly competition under the sun. This is the essence of outdoor activities that holidaymakers cherish. As a holiday park owner, you have the unique opportunity to provide guests with more than just accommodation – you can offer memorable experiences.

    When it comes to planning the perfect holiday escape, families and individuals seek more than just a change of scenery. They yearn for engaging experiences that rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. This is where the magic of holiday parks and campsites truly shines. 

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Browse Modular/Multi Play Products


These playground multi-play structures are perfect for older kids and are designed with different levels of challenge for children of all abilities. Our range is available in timber and steel, and can be custom made.


Our range of toddler multi-play units provide young children with stimulating opportunities, plus the many different play activities included contributes positively to their physical and mental development.


Whether you are young or old, you will naturally be drawn to the Slackline to test your balance and skill as you try and traverse from one platform to the next without falling off. This modular product will guarantee to attract a lot of attention from adventure seekers.


PlayCubes are designed to encourage children to make decisions and enjoy playing, just the way they want to. Distinctive geometric shapes invite exploration and climbing play that’s accessible with graduated levels of challenge

NRG Steel Trail

NRG is based around developing a child’s physical abilities, whilst promoting social interaction and skill building. This playground trail equipment has a modular design which allows you to create configurations tailored to your space and budget.

Agito Steel MultiPlay

The intriguing design and vibrant colours of these playground multi-play units encourage physical active play that helps develop strength and coordination of older children. 

Nexus Steel MultiPlay

Nexus fuses organic forms and a striking, raw architectural style to create structures that will stimulate action and excite any imagination. This range of playground multi play structure in steel is great for children over 7 years old.

Zingo Steel MultiPlay

These steel multi-play structures encourage physical active play that helps develop strength and coordination. Packed with different types of activities and challenges to get children moving so they never get bored.

Robinia Playgrounds

The natural Robinia playground equipment range is durable and resistant, and blends in harmoniously with any play area. Includes trim trails, multi-play structures, swings, playhouses, and many more.

Traditional Playground Equipment

Step into a world of timeless charm and classic fun with our exceptional range of traditional playground equipment. Crafted to shine as standalone features or seamlessly complement larger parks, our meticulously designed swings, slides, roundabouts, and even zip lines are ready to bring joy to any outdoor space. With a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and enduring appeal, our traditional play solutions are ideal for creating intimate playgrounds or enhancing the grandeur of expansive parks.

Browse our collection today and unlock the endless possibilities of creating memorable play experiences that withstand the test of time.

Color Options

Color affects both a person's mind and mood but also the body. HAGS offers play equipment in many different standard colors to suit your space, needs or theme. Below are some example on colors if you are wondering which color would suit your surface best, but we also offer a variety of colors that are part of our color palette at no extra cost.

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