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A mother smiling as she pushes her toddler on the swing


Swings are a playground staple and it's easy to see why, our Playground Swings offer fun and challenge for all generations. Swinging stimulates the vestibular system, helping support children's development of balance and sensory function which can impact language, coordination and self-regulation.

Choose the Omega, our flagship swing frame which is built to last and built to be extended in either direction as your playground grows, or look at our Turo Swing Frame, which utilises our engineered timber posts with steel footings from our UniPlay system for a more natural look. Either can be combined with flat swing seats, group swing seats or cradle seats for toddlers.

For a unique play experience, the Tango Swing Seat allows a toddler and an older person to swing face to face. The Tango is available on our Omega Frame.