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Enchanting Playground in Moss Beach, CA, USA

This enchanting playground near the ocean in Moss Beach, California, features a custom UniPlay structure that was chosen for its rustic wood charm resembling a whimsical castle.

2/19/2021 4:14:00 PM

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Stunning play & sports area with gorgeous views, Faroe Islands

The town of Hvannasund in the beautiful Faroe Islands has a new playground and sports court, catering for a wide age group.

10/16/2020 4:10:00 PM

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Huge custom multi-play tower in Pfullendorf, Germany

In addition to the large UniPlay unit, there is a UniMini unit with a castle theme for the very young and a real-looking, two-metre high climbing rock.

7/31/2020 11:39:00 AM

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Playground Equipment

Designed to offer a stimulating play experience to young and older children alike. Our huge range of outdoor playground equipment gives specifiers maximum flexibility when planning for a play area, whether they need a classic steel swing, an inclusive roundabout or an entirely bespoke timber multi-play structure.

Learn more about our exclusive commercial playground equipment, or find out how to design and build your own playground in our Creating an Outdoor Space section.

NRG Trails: Taking you on an adventure

Inspired by the natural wonders of the world, NRG takes children on a journey across wild terrain.

The playground becomes a mountain range or a gigantic gorge. Those who dare to traverse the treacherous trails will challenge their imagination as well as their physical and mental strength.

The new NRG builds on the existing range by introducing new linking components to further expand the flow and customisation opportunities.

New PlayCube Combinations

Discover the new modular playground that offers children hours of unstructured play.

Our combinations are designed to be as inclusive as possible, providing all children with the opportunity to play.

Welcome to a new world of play!

View the PlayCube Combinations

New Loly Climber

Welcome to a new world of play! Discover the new modular playground that offers children hours of unstructured play.

A new way to play!


View the Loly Climber

UniPlay Modular MultiPlay

These playground multi-play structures are perfect for older kids and are designed with different levels of challenge for children of all abilities. Our range is available in timber and steel, and can be custom made.

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UniMini Junior Multiplay

Our range of toddler multi-play units provide young children with stimulating opportunities, plus the many different play activities included contributes positively to their physical and mental development.

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Robinia Playground Equipment

The natural Robinia playground equipment range is durable and resistant, and blends in harmoniously with any play area. Includes trim trails, multi-play structures, swings, playhouses, and many more.

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Robinia Arc

You will be able to create extraordinary play spaces for children to discover themselves and the world around them. Natural robinia play equipment beautifully complements and blends into the natural surroundings and enhances sensory play experience.

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Themed Playgrounds

Our pirate and fairy tale themed playground units are adorned with graphic panels mimicking castles and ships, they also feature a number of characters, including knights, princesses and dragons, to ignite children's imaginations.

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Agito Steel MultiPlay

The intriguing design and vibrant colours of these playground multi-play units encourage physical active play that helps develop strength and coordination of older children. The Origo net also provides a comfortable socialising space.

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Nexus Steel MultiPlay

Nexus fuses organic forms and a striking, raw architectural style to create structures that will stimulate action and excite any imagination. The look instinctively appeals to children’s sense of adventure with challenges to get them moving so they never get bored. This range of playground multi play structure in steel is great for children over 7 years old.

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NRG Steel Trail

NRG is based around developing a child’s physical abilities, whilst promoting social interaction and skill building. This playground trail equipment has a modular design which allows you to create configurations tailored to your space and budget.

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A playground classic, children’s swings have been a permanent fixture in public outdoor spaces for decades and they are one of the most recognisable, well-loved play units among the general public. We have playground swings in wood and steel, in various shapes and sizes for children of all ages and abilities.

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Swing Seats

We have a large choice of swing seats to cater for different age groups, abilities and number of users. From single user swing seats for toddlers, such as the cradle seat, to group swing seats, like the basket seat, you will find the right swing seat for your playground.

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Swing Frames

Our swing frames are modular and can be made to fit your space. Choose from timber swing frames that blend harmoniously into any environment or go for a modern-looking, steel design, perfect for an urban architectural play space.

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Spring Toys

Springers are an all-time favourite and have been a playground fixture for decades. Our playground spring toys are available in various themes to encourage imaginative play and complement your play area. This simple playground equipment offer high play value and contribute to the physical development of young children.

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By engaging in a rocking motion, toddlers develop gross motor and balance skills and gradually build core strength. Our playground rockers are available in various themes to encourage imaginative play and complement your play area.

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Spinners provides children with a great vestibular experience. Browse our range of standalone playground spinning equipment, choose between standing or seated single rider spinners and add an element of excitement to your playground.

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Playground roundabouts provide children with opportunities to interact and encourages them to communicate face-to-face. We have a great selection of roundabouts that can accommodate children of all ages and abilities. From our accessible Spinmee roundabout to the innovative Orbit, there is something for everyone.

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Balance Courses & Trail items

We have playground trail equipment in wood or steel and offer various challenges from start to finish. Balance beams, stepping stones and other challenging surfaces encourage children to build their core strength and learn how to balance their bodies. They can be configured to your own bespoke layout or choose one of our set trail courses.

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Play Panels & Games

Educational play panels create opportunities for children to improve their communication skills through role play and encourages social interaction. Our range of playground games includes an exciting selection of colourful outdoor musical instruments which allows children of all abilities to be creative and experience the joy of music.

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Slides are favoured by all, from the toddlers to the older children, as it gives them a sense of adventure. We offer standalone slides in various designs and sizes to suit all age groups, from themed, to tube slides, to embankment slides.

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Add an element of excitement to your play area with our zip wires! Cableways provide children with a fun, thrilling experience, making it the main attraction at any playground. Available in both steel and timber.

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Dynamic Play

Our range of dynamic equipment offer children the chance to experience various play functions in one, such as our Swingo, which is a rotating seesaw or our rotating swings like the Titan and Mini Titan. These pieces of play equipment defy convention and provide experiences not found in traditional playground equipment.

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Sand & Water Play

Sand and water play provide children with many benefits such as the opportunity to practice measuring, develop fine motor skills and spark their imagination, as well as helping children explore and enjoy the sensory experience of manipulating different materials and textures.

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See Saws

Our see saws are available in various themes, shapes and sizes to encourage imaginative play and complement your play area. These playground favourites are brilliant at helping children develop core upper body strength, coordination and balance. We have various styles available, from the the more traditional style, like the Vippy, to the more innovative, like the Swingo, to the inclusive see saw, like the Dragonfly.

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Climbing Nets

Add more physical challenges to your playground with our range of climbing nets. Climbing is a great way for children to build their physical strength, gross motor skills and coordination. From spinning climbers to themed structures you’re sure to find the perfect one for your play area.

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Our outdoor trampolines are available in four different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and requirements. As well as being loads of fun, jumping engages the muscles of the whole body, improves coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance.

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Climbing Rocks

Add a wow factor to your playground while providing children with exciting challenges. We offer 9 different set of climbing rocks to suit your play area.

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Play Houses

Spark children’s imagination and promote role play with our range of playground playhouses. From colourful playhouses to nature inspired playhouses, children will love socialising and playing with each other in these fun and quirky playhouses.

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Accessories and Surfacing

Equip your playground with the necessary safety surfacing such as rubber tiles, grass mats, etc. Plus, complete your play area with fun accessories like our animal playground sculptures.

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Obstacle Course

With the two levels of difficulty featured in all our obstacles, adults and children can take part, practice, improve their skills and ultimately compete with a friend.  

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Zingo Steel Multiplay

The Zingo family offers a wealth of play opportunities on small playground surfaces. Lovely, playful colours invite younger children to climb, crawl, sit and balance, especially on the unique teardrop shaped Giant Bubble that makes Zingo an exciting attraction.

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