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Outdoor standing tables in modern design

HAGS offers tables for all types of outdoor environments. The tables are a perfect addition to a seating area, whether in modern design or classic style. For instance, we have practical standing tables that work excellently as support and surfaces for resting during a coffee break or a conversation. HAGS manufactures various models of standing tables for outdoor use. They have an attractive design and are built to withstand the toughest public environments. These tables work just as well in urban settings as in nature-filled parks.

Buy durable picnic tables for rest areas

During longer trips, it's necessary to make stops at rest areas to stretch one's legs and refuel with food and drinks. Create pleasant and functional rest areas by placing durable picnic tables. We offer both rest area tables and picnic tables in different sizes, perfect for use during lunch, snacks, and coffee breaks for both small and large groups. The tables' long-lasting durability ensures they remain intact and fresh for many years of use, withstanding the challenges of weather and wind.

Wide range of park tables for public environments

Park tables destined for public spaces must endure tough and demanding usage. A well-planned area with park tables is often highly appreciated. In our extensive assortment, you can find models made of both wood and steel. The tables need to be either cast in place or anchored to the ground with bolts, depending on the surface they will be placed on. Each product contains specific information about anchoring, assembly, weight, and much more.

Round, straight, large, or small - a diverse selection of tables

The possibilities are vast when planning and designing a new outdoor environment. HAGS' tables work just as well in public areas as outside a company or on private property. In our range of park tables, picnic tables, and standing tables, you can find both large and small models, round and straight, depending on what suits your needs best. Whether it's a coffee break, lunch, or just a pause during a walk, the tables become a natural gathering spot outdoors.