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Large planters on legs in sheet metal

At HAGS, we have planters that fit perfectly into both historical and modern environments with their simple elegance. Our assortment includes planters in various sizes, colors, and shapes. With Rosenlund's flexible modular system, you can create units with planters and trellises according to your own wishes. Play with different levels, colors, and shapes - create what suits your environment best. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Buy beautiful planters for public outdoor environments

Furnishing urban environments with planters is both practical and aesthetic. In addition to providing a pleasant impression for residents and tourists with vibrant greenery, the planters are excellent as either speed bumps or dividers between roads and pedestrian areas. Enriching public outdoor environments with lovely planters is an appreciated addition. The sheet metal and metal planters are very durable and can withstand demanding outdoor conditions for a long time. The models are available with or without legs.

Use as speed bumps on roads and streets

In both city centers and residential areas, it is necessary to have some form of speed bumps to create a safe and secure environment, especially for children. A good alternative, which also blends well with the surroundings, is to place planters in strategically chosen locations on the road. This way, vehicles need to slow down and zigzag between the planters, effectively reducing speed. This model of speed bump works just as well in residential areas as outside schools and sports facilities.

Wide range of colors - including black, gray, and green

It's not just the plants in the planters that can be colorful; the planters and trellises themselves can be obtained in a variety of colors. In addition to black and gray, there are models available in green, red, and blue, adding a delightful touch to outdoor environments. Combine the colors or create a harmonious design - the choice is yours. Welcome to HAGS' broad assortment of planters that add that extra touch to outdoor spaces.