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Picnic Tables

Picnic table in wood with backrest

Our picnic tables are inviting and offer high comfort while being very durable, capable of withstanding the Nordic outdoor climate all year round. Picnic tables made of wood placed in public environments are appreciated additions that create a space for meetings and community gatherings. The tables can be obtained with or without backrest, providing extra comfort for those who want to lean back.

Robust bench table for parks and public environments

HAGS bench tables are robustly made to withstand the impact of nature for an extended period. The material is highly durable, and the table remains functional and of high quality even when exposed to rain and snow. The surface of the bench tables is treated to prevent dirt and other debris from sticking to the material. Considering the stresses to which public tables are exposed, it is essential that they are designed to endure such tough conditions. Invest in sustainable picnic tables that invite to pleasant conversations and enable you to enjoy the outdoors.

Large picnic table with benches or four stools

Our assortment includes picnic tables in various models and designs. There are larger models with two long benches for seating, and there is also a more compact option with four smaller benches. Both models are suitable for parks or rest areas and will provide visitors with many enjoyable moments. The tables are estimated to take only one hour to assemble, after which they are ready to be placed and used.

Extra-long bench table for larger groups

In some outdoor areas where larger groups of people gather, there is a need for truly large and sturdy bench tables that can accommodate many individuals. Perhaps it's a group of friends grilling and playing ball games, or a gathering of children and parents having snacks. It could also be popular destinations in parks for schools and preschools. With extra-long bench tables, as many people as possible can sit together, eat, chat, and socialize. Why not combine an extra-long table with several other tables of various sizes? Create a dynamic meeting place suitable for everyone.