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Large pergolas for public outdoor environment

Create pleasant areas with shade in public outdoor spaces. For adults and children sensitive to the sun or suffering from allergies, it's essential to have shaded areas in playgrounds and other public places. A pergola is an excellent solution to create spaces for both socializing and resting, protected from the sun's rays. We offer substantial modules that can be combined to the desired size, as well as freestanding, simpler wooden variants. We also provide gazebos, perfect for relaxation, having a snack, or taking a break, where you are protected from both the sun and harsh weather.

Wooden gazebo with a roof for playgrounds, parks & rest areas

Wood is a living material that fits well in modern urban environments as well as lush natural areas. A wooden gazebo provides good protection from both the sun, rain, and chilly winds. It offers space for benches and tables, making it a gathering spot for socializing and seeking shelter in the shade. These models blend seamlessly into public outdoor environments such as schoolyards, playgrounds, parks, and green areas. The gazebo is robust and stable, anchored to the ground, ensuring a long expected lifespan.

Enclosed outdoor space & polycarbonate pergola

A polycarbonate pergola creates a space similar to an enclosed outdoor area with ample natural light. Since this type of pergola is built in modules, it's possible to customize it according to your needs. It becomes a pleasant space suitable for meetings, lessons, and presentations. In our assortment, you'll find Nova Shelter, manufactured from galvanized steel and plexiglass, providing a highly durable construction. The modules can also be used for cultivation and as a place for social gatherings. This is a great option that offers both protection from the sun and space for gatherings with many people simultaneously.

Create spaces for socializing & resting in outdoor environments

At HAGS, we encourage movement and socializing outdoors. By improving your outdoor environment with a pergola, you create a place where people can meet, whether seeking a brief respite from the sun's strong rays, taking a break during a road trip, or having a coffee during a long walk. The protective roof makes the pergola a great option regardless of the weather. It fits just as well at tourist destinations and rest areas as in schools, playgrounds, and urban areas.