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Outdoor ashtrays for public spaces

HAGS ashtrays are designed to keep public areas clean and safe. They're durable, weather-resistant, and easy to empty. They can be mounted on poles, near trash cans, or stand-alone. Strategically placing ashtrays in urban environments effectively reduces littering. Their design fits well in public spaces, residential areas, city centers, parks, and rest areas.

Stylish ashtrays with locks

For exposed locations, ashtrays with protective locks are recommended. The lock keeps rain out and prevents other objects from entering. Our range includes freestanding and wall-mounted models. They can be anchored using different methods such as concrete casting or burying. Regardless of the anchoring, the ashtrays stand securely in place.

Reduce littering with outdoor ashtrays

In high-traffic areas, well-organized placement of ashtrays and trash cans is essential to reduce littering. Our ashtrays have a classic and timeless design, built to withstand the test of time and fit seamlessly into public spaces year after year. Their popularity stems from their reliability and suitability for various settings.

Classic and modern design – on a stand or wall-mounted

At HAGS, there are various models to choose from. Freestanding ashtrays can also be stand-mounted for secure anchoring. It's advisable not to place ashtrays directly near entrances, to avoid gathering smokers in high-traffic areas. Creating designated smoking zones or smoking huts is a better option, considering the comfort of non-smokers and individuals sensitive to passive smoking.