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Litter Bins

Metal and steel outdoor trash cans

Places where people gather create a need for proper waste disposal. Strategically place bins to facilitate proper disposal. HAGS manufactures outdoor trash cans in metal and steel, perfect for public spaces along walkways, sidewalks, parks, and shopping centers.

Stylish and modern design trash cans

Our wide range includes sleek and stylish trash cans suitable for any environment. Choose the size and color that best fits your needs. We offer popular colors like black and silver, as well as more vibrant options. The classic green plastic trash can is also available. Installing trash cans is neither dull nor unsightly; instead, they enhance the outdoor ambiance and aesthetics.

Enhance public spaces with more trash cans

HAGS offers smart and attractive solutions to help you maintain cleanliness and prevent littering. Our affordable models can be wall-mounted, ground-mounted, or freestanding. They can be customized for glass, metal, plastic, and other waste, with corresponding labels for easy identification. Our trash cans are easy to empty and withstand harsh outdoor conditions, year-round in rain and snow.

Trash bins with locks for outdoor use

Lockable trash bins offer benefits such as preventing birds and other animals from accessing and scattering trash on the ground. Locks also reduce unwanted odors. Our durable metal and steel bins are of high quality and suitable for use in various public spaces. Join us in caring for the environment by making it easier to maintain cleanliness in society, preventing unnecessary littering on the streets and in nature.