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Large grills for public outdoor environments

Create natural meeting places in both private and public environments outdoors where everyone can grill at the same time. The grills become a point where people want to gather to socialize and eat together. Our range consists of two grills in different sizes, freestanding and in black. The designers of the models are the well-known Gunilla Allard. The grills can be placed in, for example, parks, residential areas and at swimming areas and toboggan runs.

Create natural meeting places with park grills

Many people choose to gather around a park grill to grill, for example, sausages or hamburgers - after many hours outdoors people get hungry. A steel park grill makes it possible to both cook and warm up for a while. The grills are manufactured with a focus on safety and durability to function in public outdoor environments during all seasons. Create a park to enjoy where people of all ages can gather and socialize at public barbecue areas.

Barbecue in a public park - what rules apply?

Before you start grilling outdoors, it is important to find out what rules apply in your area. In public parks, it is not allowed to grill directly on the ground, but it must be done on a grill. Therefore, the public grills are perfect, where everyone who wants to grill can in a simple and controlled way. A fire must never be left unattended and must always be completely extinguished before leaving the premises. If there is a fire ban, it is also not permitted to grill at public barbecue areas. It is important that you take responsibility and follow the rules so that grilling and fires do not become a danger to anyone.

Stylish barbecues in a modern design for public barbecue areas

A public barbecue doesn't have to be a boring, ugly and gray lump of concrete. We at HAGS sell stylish, modern grills in a design that enhances the urban environment and becomes a pleasant feature even for those who are not using the grill at the time. It may be a good idea to replace your old concrete grills with more modern versions in durable and robust metal. These are just as good to fire in in the summer as in the winter. The size of the grills also makes them suitable for large parties.