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Bicycle Storage

Outdoor and indoor bike racks for 2, 4, and 6 bikes

At HAGS, we are passionate about inspiring more movement and activity in everyday life. One way we contribute is by making it easier for those who choose bikes over cars. Knowing there's a safe, convenient, and affordable place to park your bike makes the choice simpler. We offer bike racks for both indoor and outdoor use, accommodating 2, 4, and 6 bikes. Our bike racks come in various designs, either freestanding or anchored to the ground or wall.

Bike garages and bike storage with a roof - for home and public spaces

Create practical storage that keeps bikes dry in all weather conditions. Bike garages and storage solutions are suitable for public spaces, residential areas, and private homes alike. Our assortment includes bike garages of different sizes for convenient bike storage. Some models have built-in bike racks, while others are complemented with bike racks on the ground or attached to the wall. Invest in durable and robust bike garages from HAGS to avoid wet and cold saddles and protect bikes from the elements.

Wall-mounted bike racks for houses, garages, and storage rooms

For efficient and space-saving bike parking, a wall-mounted bike rack is recommended. It can be installed outdoors on the house facade, providing a public bike parking solution, for example, near schools, libraries, and shopping centers. Wall-mounted bike racks also work well indoors in garages and storage rooms, whether in public or private environments. Our range offers various sizes to choose from. This secure and sturdy installation is perfect for places with limited space.

Convenient bike parking with bike bollards

Bike bollards are a cost-effective and practical solution appreciated by cyclists. Designed as poles or arches, bike bollards offer excellent bike locking possibilities. They are an aesthetic addition to outdoor environments, contributing to a beautiful cityscape. Smartly designed bike parking is a key factor in urban planning to encourage more people to choose cycling. Our bike bollards are available in black or untreated galvanized steel, anchored with concrete casting, ensuring durability and stability.