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Park benches for outdoor public spaces

HAGS park benches offer relaxation and social interaction. They blend beautifully along walkways, squares, shopping centers, and entrances - wherever seating is needed. Park benches placed at regular intervals contribute to increased enjoyment and tend to be well-used. Sitting outdoors, watching passersby, or savoring an ice cream is appreciated by both adults and children. We manufacture durable park benches for outdoor public spaces, with various models, shapes, and colors.

Park sofas in steel and wood

Our stylish and beautiful park sofas come in different materials. Wooden park sofas provide a warm feeling and come in light and dark shades. Steel is a highly durable material used for park sofas, available in galvanized or colorful options. All park sofas have a backrest and often armrests for optimal comfort when taking a seat.

Park benches with tables

In public parks, people often gather to socialize and enjoy a meal. Park benches with tables make it convenient and pleasant to set up a picnic. Many of our park benches come with accompanying tables in various sizes. Mixing different sizes allows both large and small groups to find a seat. Create a public environment that invites gatherings with sturdy park benches with tables suitable for year-round use.

Classic park sofas for outdoor public spaces

Classic park sofas can be freestanding or fixed installations, depending on the need for relocation during snow removal, for example. These park sofas boast fine details, ranging from slim slats to more robust boards. Classic park sofas are a reliable choice in most outdoor public spaces. HAGS offers a wide range of park benches and park sofas for all occasions and environments.