How to Create the Perfect School Outdoor Seating Area

The perfect outdoor furniture area separates spaces, accommodates groups both large and small, and brings a beautiful blend of form and function to your school's outdoor areas. Our furniture is designed to meet your schools’ unique needs and will make a lovely addition to your learning spaces, sports areas, dining areas and anywhere your students, staff and guests congregate outside.

We have a variety of furniture to choose from in a wide array of colours and styles, including the Rosenlund our modular seating range that enables you to create a wide variety of seating combinations.

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1: Determine the Area and Layout 

Assess your school's outdoor space and identify the ideal location for the seating area. Consider factors such as shade, accessibility, and proximity to other facilities.

Once you've chosen a location, determine the layout of the seating area. Take into account the number of students you want to accommodate and the types of seating options you want to include from the HAGS Rosenlund range, such as benches, tables, and chairs.

2: Plan for Comfort and Functionality

When selecting seating options from the HAGS Rosenlund range, prioritise comfort and functionality. Look for durable, weather-resistant materials such as metal or wood that can withstand outdoor conditions. Consider ergonomics, choosing seating with backrests and armrests for added comfort. Also, plan for ample seating capacity and provide a mix of seating options, including individual benches, picnic tables, and group seating arrangements, to accommodate different needs and preferences.

3: Enhance Aesthetics 

To create an inviting and visually appealing outdoor seating area, consider incorporating landscaping elements. Add greenery such as trees, shrubs, and flowers around the seating area to provide shade, create a sense of privacy, and improve the overall aesthetics. HAGS Rosenlund range allows you to customise with your chosen colours, which can really enhance the school's values and public image. 

You can also consider adding other elements such as Rosenlund flower trellis, or variety of bins which can be placed strategically to ensure cleansiness is maintained throughout the school. 

4: Promote Safety and Accessibility

Safety and accessibility are essential considerations for any school outdoor seating area. Ensure that the seating area is well-lit, and that pathways are clear and free from obstacles. Choose seating options from the HAGS Rosenlund range that are designed with safety features such as smooth edges and sturdy construction. Additionally, ensure that the seating area is accessible to students of all abilities, including those with disabilities, by providing wheelchair-accessible seating options and ensuring that pathways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.



5: Foster Social Interaction and Recreation

The school outdoor seating area should also promote social interaction and recreation among students. Consider incorporating seating arrangements that encourage conversation, such as seating clusters. Providing a conducive environment for students to relax, socialise, and engage in recreational activities can contribute to a vibrant and inclusive school community.

By following these five steps and selecting seating options from the HAGS Rosenlund range, you can create a perfect school outdoor seating area that is comfortable, functional, safe, and inviting for students to enjoy during their breaks or leisure time.

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