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Nature Inspired Inclusive Playground, Australia

The new nature-based playground at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in Australia has won the State Award for Best Playscape Award (under $500,000) in the Park and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence program. This now progresses through the national award finals to be decided in October 2019.

6/14/2019 11:38:00 AM

Case Study Details

Sports Area for Solvang School, Denmark

The Solvang School in Denmark wanted to maximise their outdoor space by providing their students an area for sporting activity, where students can play multiple games at the same time.

5/30/2019 12:51:00 PM

Case Study Details

Inclusive Playground in Madrid, Spain

This new playground in the neighbourhood of Orcasitas in Madrid was initiated by the Government Department of Environment and Mobility who wanted a unique play area that was inclusive and accessible

5/2/2019 11:47:00 AM

Case Study Details

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Design your own custom multisport court with the Arena system

Arena multisports court MUGA

Our Arena product range comes with various standard configurations that fit different requirements but you may need a ball court tailored to your budget, space or community needs. As Arena is a modular system which offers maximum flexibility, you can design your own bespoke structure in no time. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

Step-by-step guide for creating your own custom multi-sports games area

1. Establish the playing zone

It’s important to get the size of your ARENA right for the site and for the users. We can design your ARENA specifically to cater for your needs.

ARENA has 3m wide goals and 1m or 2m wide panels, to make your ARENA as large or as small as required - it couldn’t be easier!

Just remember, in order to have that stylish rounded corner look, the width of the ARENA playing zone will be an even number, i.e. 8m wide, 10m wide and so on!

2. The goal ends

ARENA goal ends are ideal for enabling users to practice their shooting skills and provide the perfect solution for one-on-one games.

Our range includes goal ends that cater for many ball sports with the ability to customise them to your needs.

View our selection of goal ends

3. Panel heights and types

Panels are available in 4 heights: 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m high; which helps keep things simple when designing and building your ARENA.

Lower bar panels come as standard. For hockey areas you can have solid polyethylene panels.

There are also different types of panels that you can choose from to suit your criteria; these include, bar, mesh and solid panel options.

Choose from matching height side and goal end walls or make each wall a different height.

4. Making an entrance

A great entrance can get you set for the game. All entrance gates and chicanes are designed to allow easy access for all.

The escape points behind the goal allow for quick ball retrieval as well as an additional entrance/exit point, however they can be closed off if required with a mesh infill.

Vehicle access gates are also available to allow emergency services or maintenance vehicles into the area when required.

5. Additional sports games and accessories

Skill panels can be included on any ARENA and can be positioned at any height.

Accuracy and other coordination skills can be practiced and honed. Reverse facing basketball boards and hoops can be added to the back of the goals to increase the number of users in the system.

Mini goals offer the users extra elements of play. These can be positioned wherever required and allow smaller groups to practice in different parts of the system.

6. Add seating and shelters

With football being the game of two halves and basketball being split up into quarters, even the pros need a break.

Why not add some team shelters to your ARENA, giving the players somewhere to perch during their breaks, as well as providing spectators with somewhere dry to watch the games being played out.

Sin Bin, Lean Back, Chat Room, Meeting Point and Hub seating are specifically styled to match ARENA for a complete sporting experience.

7. Type of surfacing and style

ARENA can go onto any hard-standing surface and we can also supply surface mounted ARENA systems.

Tarmac is still the most popular surface for ARENA. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and makes a good surface for the majority of sports.

Want a splash of colour? An acrylic resin surface could be for you. It will let water drain through, eliminating puddles and it can be coloured to your taste. Resin is ideal for running tracks around the outside of an ARENA as well as inside.

8. Choose your colour

Are you in an area of natural beauty, but need to supply sports equipment?
HAGS have installed MUGAs into woodlands and green areas, which fit in with the natural environment due to the number of colours available.

Contact us for more information

ARENA multisports court

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