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Inclusive Playground in the Lake District Wins Award, UK

Due to its inclusive features, this play area has been accredited with a Bronze award by PiPA (Play Inclusive Play Areas).

15.1.2020 12:48:00

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Play for all at El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

HAGS has chosen a selection of inclusive and accessible playground equipment that will cater for a large number of users and for children with different abilities.

10.12.2019 14:43:00

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Nature Inspired Inclusive Playground, Australia

The new nature-based playground at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in Australia has won the State Award for Best Playscape Award (under $500,000) in the Park and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence program. This now progresses through the national award finals to be decided in October 2019.

14.6.2019 11:38:00

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Katso ja hae inspiraatiota muista toteuteneista kohteista ympäri maailmaa

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Inclusive Playground in the Lake District Wins Award, UK

The award

Due to its inclusive features, this play area has been accredited with a Bronze award by PiPA (Play Inclusive Play Areas). Further planned improvements by the council to the surrounding area, such as creating a changing places toilet, will mean that the play area will be even more inclusive and could achieve a silver award.

Accessible and inclusive play area surrounded by nature

Millerground is a wonderful green space in the UK’s Lake District National Park. The aim was to create a play space that was inclusive and safe where all children could play together. Accessibility was extremely important, as well as creating a space that would incorporate and enhance the natural environment while attracting the local community.

Orientation path

The play area consists of an orientation path which allows children to scan the playground and join in play when they feel ready or use it as a safe zone when their anxiety rises. The path runs through four areas, all with play equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

Multi-play units and sensory activities

There is a small multi-play unit for the younger children with accessible steps and a large multi-play unit for the older kids which sits in the centre of the playground. Both units offer many activities, from low level games that encourage inclusion and imaginative play, to the more challenging that will develop children’s skills.

A “make it rain” sensory wheel and a glockenspiel play panel are perfect for stimulating children’s auditory system.

Spinning equipment for all abilities

A variety of spinning equipment for children of different abilities, including a wheelchair accessible Spinmee roundabout and a fun spinning seesaw for children looking for something different to the classic playground equipment.

Child-initiated play

There is also a fantastic green space with natural shaded areas that children and adults can use to relax and enjoy the landscape, from the feel and smell of the grass to the sounds of nature. Children can also use this area to create their own games and encourage child-initiated play.

Seating and swing seats for all

Different types of seating have been added throughout, as well as offering a selection of swing seats to cater for all children (including the face-to-face Tango seat, inclusive Mirage seat and Viper rope swing seat).

Windermere, UK

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