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Nature Inspired Inclusive Playground, Australia

The new nature-based playground at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in Australia has won the State Award for Best Playscape Award (under $500,000) in the Park and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence program. This now progresses through the national award finals to be decided in October 2019.

6/14/2019 11:38:00 AM

Case Study Details

Sports Area for Solvang School, Denmark

The Solvang School in Denmark wanted to maximise their outdoor space by providing their students an area for sporting activity, where students can play multiple games at the same time.

5/30/2019 12:51:00 PM

Case Study Details

Inclusive Playground in Madrid, Spain

This new playground in the neighbourhood of Orcasitas in Madrid was initiated by the Government Department of Environment and Mobility who wanted a unique play area that was inclusive and accessible

5/2/2019 11:47:00 AM

Case Study Details

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New Multi-Play Units

Our flagship range, UniPlay, has just had a boost with the introduction of an exciting new selection of multi-play structures.

Children climbing on a multi-play climbing frame

UniPlay structures for all abilities

HAGS’ playground designs are traditionally known for their functionality and practicality. We utilise a simple, timeless design aesthetic that is appreciated globally. The new UniPlay products will continue this tradition with modern designs and play features that are intended for all abilities, and which will fit perfectly to any setting and urban environment.

These 10 new units offer plenty of playful elements to keep children between the age of 5 and 12 entertain with new exhilarating ways to climb, slide and “fly", as well as different levels of difficulty and complexity for all abilities. They are packed with numerous play values like climbing, balancing, sensory, tactile, coordination, and many more.

We have also incorporated new materials which offers children a fun interactive experience with exciting tactile features.

Create your own adventures with UniPlay

Children can use their imagination and play a key role in their adventure on the Castle Nahoj play unit or the Agir ship themed multi-play structure. Whilst those with a more competitive edge can race each other to the top on the Fyri, Swixy or Ennaj climbing units.

Explorers can traverse through the towers of Assid and Lavon via the fun and challenging Wobble bridge, or those that are brave enough can test their balance on the Melax by crossing through the Rope Walk to reach the next tower.

Thrill seekers can experience speed and risk while they fly through our Zippie Zip Rail. And when it’s time to take a break, children can do so on the Webby nets featured on many of these new multi-play units where they can relax and socialise.

Girl dressed up as pirate in the playground

Meet our latest UniPlay additions

Blue ship themed multi-play structure


Ship Agir, a themed multi-play unit, allows children to choose their own adventure. Packed with many play activities, children will enjoy exploring this ship!

Number of users: 30


UniPlay multi-play structure with double width slide


A two tower unit with many climbing paths. Children can race down the double width slide and traverse through the fun wobble bridge.

Number of users: 8

Climbing net structure


This ultimate futuristic climbing unit is perfect for competitive play and socialising, it offers various climbing options and areas to relax.

Number of users: 22

Net climbing structure with resting net units


This modern net climbing frame has a variety of difficulties and choices. Children can opt to hang out on the Webby relax nets located at different heights.

Number of users: 16

Multi-play unit with glider, flexible bridge and climbing wall


A multi play unit packed with a variety of climbing options and play functions such as the challenging wobble climb and exciting glider.

Number of users: 18

Multi-play unit with various climbing units and glider


A fun and competitive multi-play unit with a variety of play functions for everyone, from the rope walk to the shop counter.

Number of users: 25


Castle themed multi-play unit with climbing net


Castle Nahoj is a themed multi-play unit offering children the chance to use their imagination. Features an accessible staircase with handrails and two slides at different heights.

Number of users: 20

multi-play climbing unit with two towers


Provides various climbing levels for children of different abilities. The Webby relax offers a hang-out space for those wanting to sit back.

Number of users: 18

Net climbing structure with different levels of difficulty


This twisted climbing net offers three different levels of difficulty with a net at the top for relaxing and socialising.

Number of users: 12

Track ride with two towers


This track ride provides the experience of height, movement and the excitement of speed and risk as children "fly" from tower to tower.

Number of users: 6


Girl climbing a rope tower


The rope we use is a high quality 16mm, 6-strand, fibre core rope from our sister company Tayplay. The braided fibres reduce the risk of strand unwinding if cut and the glued nylon strands decreases rubbing within the rope, reducing fatigue in the rope fibres.

The connectors are hydraulic-pressed aluminium and the end fixing is a 6mm stainless steel shortlink chain.

Available in either black and green or black and red colour combinations.

Flexible rubber material


The Wobble Bridge and Wobble Climb are made from steel reinforced elastomer which has the same components of the polymer used in the mining industry for transporting crushed rocks. This strong, flexible material has a high durability and high resistance, resulting in a long life and low maintenance. The grip pattern is achieved by casting the product in a tool which gives the same great result on every product.

This material is perfect at providing children with an element of risk due to its bendy nature, plus the textured surface prevents slipping while providing a great tactile experience.

Timber posts on multi-play units


Our high-quality laminated timber poles are composed of three sections joined together, a method that increases strength and reduces cracking. Our timber poles feature machined grooves that allow the wood to expand and contract without cracks forming.

All our wooden posts have galvanised steel ground sockets to avoid direct contact with soil, thus reducing the risk of mould contamination or rot.

Steel posts for multi -play structures


Most of our UniPlay units are also available in steel. This material is exceptionally durable with a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish that offers excellent resistance to corrosion and requires little maintenance.

We only use structural grade steel engineered to cope with repeated use and heavy impacts.

New Components

As well as the new UniPlay combinations mentioned above, we have also launched an exciting range of components, including play panels, which are all compatible with our UniPlay units.

Find out more about how you can build your own multi-play unit with our modular UniPlay range and components by clicking on the link below.

How to build a multi-play unit


Add a fresh modern twist to your multi-play structures with these fun new components!

Webby Climb

Webby Relax

Wobble Bridge

Wobble Climb

Cannon Slide

Double Width Slide

Low Ramp


Rope Walk

Zip Rail

Play Panels and Barriers

Game Panels

Game panels

Play Panel Barriers

Play barriers

Castle Barriers

castle themed barriers

Water Barriers

water themed barriers